EZ swim spa cover Gen 2

Cover shelf Installation Instructions


General Installation Information using EZ cover cradle:

  • Each bracket is pre-assembled here and is ready for attachment to your swim spa.
  • The Cover Shelf assemblies are to be attached to the end of the swim spa where you desire the rolled EZ swim spa Cover to be stored while the spa is in use. You will have to determine the strongest location on the swim spa skirt onto which to mount the Cover Shelf brackets. Once the attachment location is decided, then you should align the top of the horizontal support arm with the top of the spa shell and attach the brackets to the skirt.

Special Notes Regarding Attachment to Spa Skirts:

  • If the swim spa skirt is thin wood or plastic, then special care should be taken to ensure that the Cover Shelf brackets are located where the structural framework of the spa is backing-up the skirt material. For sufficient vertical support, at least one vertical row of screws [per bracket] need to catch the structural framework of the swim spa. To keep the brackets flush with the skirt, all included screws should be used for the attachment.
  • If the desired attachment location doesn’t have any structural framework backing it, then the installation process will first require additional reinforcement of the skirt siding.
  • In order to safely distribute the weight of the EZ swim spa cover, install/add as large a piece of (13mm to 19mm) structural sheathing as possible to the existing framework. (In most cases, and primarily for cosmetic reasons, any structural reinforcement is attached to the back side of the skirt. But if the unit’s siding is not removable, then it follows that this reinforcement will be external. Either is fine so long as the screws have sufficient material to bite into).

EZ swim spa covers are not responsible for damage or injury resulting from improper installation/use of the Cover Shelf. As ever, use your best judgement when deciding how best to install the Cover Shelf; the specifics of its application will be unique to your particular setup.

Use & Maintenance Instructions:


The following points must be understood and followed for your EZ swim spa cover to function as designed.

Heat Seal:

To help ensure a proper heat seal, please remember that when the EZ swim spa Cover is in the closed position, the cover’s end-straps must be pulled and latched down tightly for the heat seal and the domed effect to function as designed.


  • Regular monthly maintenance is encouraged on the EZ swim spa Cover in order to keep it looking and performing it’s best.
  • We recommend a quick spray-down with a garden hose every so often to remove accumulated dirt or debris from the cover. After experiencing particularly heavy rain, it is good practice to clear any accumulation from the cover using a soft deck brush.
  • Should the exterior of the EZ swim spa Cover ever require a more thorough cleaning, we suggest using a soft brush together with a mild soap to scrub the cover clean.
  • The underside of the cover should be wiped down regularly with an all-natural / all-purpose cleaner.
  • Annual or seasonal re-positioning of the EZ Swim Spa Cover on the swim spa. Roll the cover down to one end. With two able bodied people, spin it 180°, bring it down to the opposite end and roll the cover to a closed position.

For customers who do not intend to use their swim spa during the winter season, secure the EZ Swim Spa Cover on all four sides fasten and lock all. Additionally place a water resistant tarp over the top of all, and secure for inclement weather.

Delivery Steps

At EZ swim spa covers we package the cover to arrive in pristine conditions.
Despite these precautions, freight damage is still possible.
Although damage occurs very few of our shipments, you, the customer, are responsible for noting this in writing with the driver at the time of delivery.
Please inspect the package thoroughly before signing the shipper’s receipt.

Note: If any freight damage HAS occurred, and the contents appear to have been harmed, take pictures of the damage and refuse the delivery – do NOT sign for the cover.