Revolutionising The Swim Spa Industry

An EZ Swim Spa rolling Cover Gen 2 will help to solve the number one problem for swim spa ownership. The EZ Swim Spa cover allows 1 person to remove it in under 60 seconds.

Water Proof

will not absorb water, but remains light and efficient,
providing more time for aqua therapy and fitness.

Easy to Use

user-friendly and designed for a single family
member to access the swim spa easily

Awesome Desgin

one-piece design creates a complete seal all the way around the swim
spa locking in the heat, lowering energy consumption

Spa Covers

Time saving one-piece rolling cover design makes a complete seal on-top of the swim spa locking in the heat, saving energy and cost and making the swim spa more accessible for aqua therapy and fitness. Providing a strong, durable, lockable safety cover.


Solid Framework

The EZ swim spa cover Gen 2 rolling cover is the most innovative cover on the market. It has insulation foam, structural support arms and a weatherproof outer layer. It can be easily removed and stored.


The EZ Swim Spa cover Gen 2 has excellent heat insulation with no gaps to prevent heat loss. The EZ Swim spa rolling covers cannot absorb water preventing it from getting heavier over time.


How to
use it

EZ Swim Spa Cover Gen 2
Follow the below 3 steps

- Stand on the end of the spa and create the first roll. Keep first roll tight on itself.
- Stand on one side of the spa, -Roll it until it reaches the end.
- You can leave it on the edge of the spa. Or you can use our a EZ cover cradle.

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