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Introducing the EZ Swim Spa Cover Gen 2

This new cover will revolutionise the swim spa industry by helping to solve the number one problem for swim spa ownership. Old-style bi-fold covers absorb water and gain weight; they break down in the elements due to rain, snow, or direct sun, allowing heat to escape through their sections and seams.

The EZ Swim Spa Cover one-piece design creates a complete seal all the way around the swim spa, locking in the heat, lowering energy consumption and cost.

The EZ Swim Spa Cover is user-friendly and designed for a single family member to access the swim spa easily, on a daily basis.
With the use of closed-cell foam insulation, the E2E Cover will not absorb water, but remains light and efficient, providing more time for aqua therapy and fitness.

The EZ Swim Spa Cover is designed to roll in either direction, which is perfect for dual zone swim spas by rolling back the pool side for daily swimming or the spa side for nightly relaxation.