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Who are we

Around since 1993
We have been developing, building and retailing spas and swim spas since 1993. We were at the forefront of developing the  ‘portable swim spa’ in the mid 90’s.
The biggest issue we found were the bulky covers that were needed to maintain low running costs and help with child security.
The swim spa covers were hard to handle and actually stopped people from enjoying their swim spa.

In the Beginning
We tried many solutions over the years and then in 2014 we found a manufacturer of rolling covers.
The first generation had a few issues and we ironed them out over the next 3 years.
In this time we looked at ordering the end2end covers as a solution and all but placed a container order. Our main concern with the end2end covers was the cost for a product that was very similar to what we had developed.

EZ Swim spa Covers Generation 2
Then along came our generation 2 EZ swim spa covers we use now.
The Generation 2 EZ swim spa covers have been in the market for nearly 5 years without any adverse issues.
To date we have only had 3 warranty claims and they were based on transport damage, not cover failure.

Plenty of Stock
The main advantage of the EZ swim spa cover is stock availability, we generally carry up to 80 covers in our ware house.
We do not wait to fill a container with orders before placing an order on the manufacturer.
The covers we keep in stock will suit most makes and models of swim spas and we have a handy chart of models on our cart page.
If you require a custom order we will place it in the system to be custom ordered on the next container.

Warranty and Back-up
The warranty on our cover is 12 months from delivery, we do not expect you to crate the cover and send it back as per other suppliers.
We will assess the issue and deal with it in a timely manner.
Because we have been in the industry since 1993 we understand the needs of the customer and provide exceptional customer service.